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Ana Bencator


I’m from:
I am from Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

Local Spot / You will find me almost anytime:
My local spot is la cicer

I’m an Oceanlovinggirl because…
I love the way the brand has to understand the relationship between the ocean, the girls and the surf. And the most I like is how beautiful and comfortable they make their clothes feel


I’m from:
I am originally from Germany, but half Danish

Local Spot / You will find me almost anytime:
Since 8 years,  I´ve been spending all my summers from June until November in Portugal.

You can find me close to Peniche, where I am actually working as a freelance surf instructor for different camps. I also offer mental trainings, mindfulness workshops and functional workouts.
I feel blessed for the opportunity to dance with the ocean, every day and over and over again.
I’m an Oceanlovinggirl because…
I love the sea…and it set me free. When I am surfing, I am absolutely in the present moment – just here and now.  I feel absolutely connected to nature. There is nothing better than feeling the power of the ocean. It reminds me of how small all our so-called problems are and when I respect the ocean and stay humble, it provides everything a surfer´s heart desires. Hi, I’m an oceanloving girl.. and always will be.
profil aline bock


I’m from:
Überlingen am Bodensee, living in Innsbruck/ Austria, currently traveling for 6 months in a camper van

Local Spot / You will find me almost anytime:
In the mountains or at the beach all over the world. My favorite spot: Portugal, Maldives and Mentawais.

I’m an Oceanlovinggirl because…
I simply love being surrounded by water. Surfing motivates, sometimes even scares me, but most of the time it gives me energy to refill my batteries after a long winter season. It´s a passion. 


I’m from:
Germany / Cologne

Local Spot / You will find me almost anytime:
I don’t have a local spot ’cause unfortunately I don’t live at the ocean. I like travelling around, discovering new places. Bali is always worth going and I try to be there as often als possible. Balangan is definitely one of my favorite spots, with many hours I spent in the water. in European summer you will find me in my campervan somewhere at the Atlantic coast between France and Portugal. I love the beaches and the nature around there but if i can choose i always prefer surfing in bikinis instead of wetsuits.

I’m an Oceanlovinggirl because…
being in the ocean or at least close to it, gives me a feeling only saltwater can give you. I can switch off mental pressure and totally focus and concenrate when I’m in the water surfing or making photos. The ocean reminds me, I’m such a tiny piece of this whole “thing”. Forces of nature are so real when you spend time in the ocean, it gives me a deep feeling of respect and inner peace.

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